Fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan is a unique adventure.? No two trips are the same; the weather is ever changing and so is the fishing.?

We are permitted to use three fishing rods per fisherman as we troll the many levels of the water column.?

We usually leave the dock at daybreak and make our way to the fishing grounds within an hour.?

We fish for at least six hours and work as a team when a fish bites!?

Someone is on the rod.

Someone usually pulls out the cell phone and either videos or takes pictures of the catch.

Others are watching and encouraging.?

I am moving rods out of the way as we prepare to land the fish.?

Another holds the net and I continue to watch the action as the fish comes closer to the boat. At the right moment, I call for the net, direct the fisherman to step back in the boat and land the fish.?

Once in the boat, we joyfully celebrate its size, species and beauty!?

Into the iced cooler the fish goes as I reset the rods and continue to expect the next ?Fish On!? exclamation.?

We all truly experience the joy of fishing.